About Us

Quality Live Event Multi-Camera Recording and Streaming for Southwest Idaho and the Magic Valley


Brian Evans

Enabling Memories

Quality with a Passion

watched.live is based out of Boise, Idaho and service all areas of Southwest Idaho and the Magic Valley. We provide multi-camera live streaming and recordings of almost any event you desire. watched.live is your partner in sharing what matters to you.

After providing live streaming and recording on a voluntary basis for several years, watched.live was founded to take these abilities to the next level. Brian is deeply committed to quality, not only in video production, but in all aspects of interacting with others.

Throughout life, there are many things we want to share with others. When it comes to experiences, the best way to share is in person. Yet this is not always possible. People may not be available for a variety of reasons. Sickness, finances, prior commitments, travel restrictions, and limitations on seating may prevent you from directly interacting with them.

This is why watched.live came into being. We see the need to let those who would otherwise only be with you in spirit actually experience what is important to you, albeit remotely. We don't make memories, we let you share them in real time.

Our Mission

Providing the highest quality of video footage based on our client's needs while acting with integrity and professionalism. Our mission is to bring you to those who are unable to be with you.

Our Setup

We have a complete setup of remotely controlled 4K cameras, video mixers, recording equipment, and a professional sound mixer. Video is broadcast to the world using a distributed network so your event's video is not interrupted.

Our Features

Why Choose us

Exacting Excellence
We expect the highest quality of ourselves, and will fulfill these expectations.
Your event is not something to dismiss as "if I have to." We will respect where you are and our role in the day.
Lasting Quality
We know that with time, everything will show its age. Which means the best equipment should be used to outlast contemporary video.
Rapid Deployment
We are designed to get setup in a limited time when need be. Quality isn't instant, but you don't want to be waiting on us.
Robotic Equipment
We won't be in your way. By not requiring a large crew to get different shots, you are given less distraction.
Detailed Video
Our videos are shot in 4K at 60fps to retain details you may not expect. This footage allows things to look crisper for longer.
Distributed Streaming
We use multiple connections to the internet to make sure the event gets out to your viewers.
Warranty on Work
We stand behind our work. We make things right. If we are unable to fulfill our contract, we offer a 120% moneyback guarantee on services not performed.