It is your day, even if not everyone can be there

Service Details

When it comes to weddings, there are no repeats of just the right time. We at understand this, which is why we record these moments from multiple angles to make sure these memories are preserved for years to come. When looking back on your wedding 40 years down the road, feel confident you had the best quality service around.

Unlike other wedding videography services, also makes sure that your wedding service is available for people to see around the world live as you pledge your vows to one another. By using multiple camera angles, we are able to better show what is really happening to those who are unable to make it. In this time where many are unable to travel due to restrictions, your friends and family will have a front row seat, from the bride walking down the aisle, to the look of love between the couple as they are announced as husband and wife.

Let us be with you through this joyous occasion.

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Our packages are valid within Southwest Idaho and the Magic Valley.

All of our packages come with:

  • Live Streaming at 1080p on our own hosted provider (stored for 5 years for later viewing or download)
  • Direct connection to your video feed for any reception growing up montages
  • Full length film at 4K resolution
  • Simultaneous streaming on your own Facebook page or YouTube channel.
    We will need to mute audio during most videos, as YouTube and Facebook will end streaming of music under copyright.

Base Package


  • 3 Hours of Live Footage
  • 3 Camera angles
  • 2 Room Microphones
  • Separate microphones for the Bride, Groom

Extended Package


  • 4 Hours of Live Footage
  • 4 Camera angles
  • 2 Room Microphones
  • Separate microphones for the Bride, Groom, and Minister/Officiant
  • 2 Additional Microphones for Reception

Complete Package


  • 8 Hours of Live Footage
  • 4 Camera angles
  • 2 Room Microphones
  • Separate microphones for the Bride, Groom, and Minister/Officiant
  • 2 Additional Microphones for Reception
  • 2 location changes
  • Raw footage from all cameras in 4K resolution

Addon Services

In addition to our base packages offered above, we offer the following options. Some of these options are included in the upgraded pacakges.

Rehearsal Recording


For up to 3 hours, we will record your wedding rehearsal using 3 cameras with closeups on the different participants, and 1 camera getting a wide view of everything.

Video of the rehearsal will not be streamed to the public, but provided directly to you for memories.



We are able to re-locate to a new venue as many times as you need during the service. Needed for when the wedding and reception are at different venues.

If the service and reception are in different rooms of the same building, this service isn't required.

Additional Hour


For a day full of celebration, is able to be with you for up to 12 hours. If multiple locations are used, the time in transit counts toward the length of the day, however our setup and take down of equipment is considered outside of this 12 hours.

Raw Footage


We will provide the original camera footage of all the cameras used such that you can create your own memories of the service. The video will be provided on a new hard drive or SD card and shipped directly to you. We record all of our video in 4K 59.94 fps.

Additional Camera


For the Base Package only. You may add the 4th camera angle for the service and reception.

Re-Edit of Video

$300 attempts to get the best camera angle at all times, however sometimes the speaker will change abruptly. With this additional service, we will go over the entire service and choose the best angles after the fact. We will replace our hosted version of the service with this new edit, which you will be able to download

Additional hours past 4 are charged at $80 an hour.

Service Information

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • Do we need to worry about microphones? has microphones and speakers available for use during the service. However we also may work with your wedding venue to tap into their environment to use existing amplification.

  • Will we have access to all of the recordings?

    We will retain the wedding for 5 year on our video host. If you had us simulcast the video on your own personal Facebook or YouTube channel, you will always have access to that.

    We offer the raw footage from all of the cameras as an addon service. We will retain this footage for at least 1 year after the wedding if you wish to purchase the footage at a later date.

  • What days are you available?

    If not claimed for another event, we are available for hire every day other than Christmas and Easter.

    However, like all of the services provides, we will only work a wedding on a Sunday if part of the service is at a Church, either the main service or a reception. We may be unavailable in the morning, depending on the venue.

  • Are you able to stream videos we provide?

    As long as we have physical access to the computer running the slideshow, we will share the HDMI connection going to the projector or TV used in the venue. This will give us the highest possible video quality.

    If there is audio accompanying the slideshow, we may need to mute this if you wish to share the service on YouTube or Facebook, due to copyright reasons on most music tracks. If full permission to use the performance is granted, we will not need to mute the audio, as the copyright detectors should not flag this music.

    We are able to play videos directly without having them come from another computer. This may be useful for providing a specific set of videos before, after, or while transitioning between the service and reception.

  • Do you offer a cinematic version of the wedding?

    Many videographers specialize in producing a shortened version of the service as a 5-10 minute "best of" clip complete with interviews prior to the service. As will be making sure all of the cameras are ready for your remote guests, we are unable to do other day of interviews. We will, however, work with any other videographer to get even more footage.